Wednesday, July 24, 2013


How many times a day do you find yourself saying a negative statement… even when it’s not intended? I encourage you to start listening closely to yourself. For instance, when something really cracks my sheit up I say “it kills me”… ummm… no it doesn’t it makes you laugh silly. Or “I am such a dork.” I am truly beginning to realize that our words manifest themselves, even when it is not our intention.

I had my eyes opened to this the other day. A very wise woman told me “every time you say something negative say “cancel” out loud.” So I have been listening closely, and let me tell you, basically all you hear out of my mouth is “CANCEL.”  I play the Positive Polly card but what I really am is a Negative Nancy people! CANCEL THAT! I am positive but my reactions can be negative and I am working to change that. There… that is better. Here I am working diligently towards self respect and understanding, and although my mind is in the right place, my words are not.

Negativity is a drug. A toxic one that can ruin your life. I am making the choice right here and now to say no more negativity. I want a beautiful, happy life and to approach it with grace and courage. No need to hide behind toxic words so I can cheapen situations to make them seem not so bad. I want to wake up every morning looking forward to a new day. I refuse to diminish that because negativity is so much easier than kindness… even to one’s self. Mostly to one’s self actually. Isn’t it interesting that people are more apt to share negativity than joy sometimes? I truly believe there are some people in life who are embarrassed by joy. Meaning, if the joy goes away, or something happens, they have to face others around them asking where the joy went. Does this make sense?

It is like people who say they don’t want children because, they don’t want people to feel sorry for them if they can’t get pregnant. Or those who say they don’t want to be in a relationship, because they don’t want to face the crowd if the relationship ends. Those who say they can’t lose weight, because they don’t want people to think they are insecure. Think about it… you get what you put out there. Stop being a victim in your life—a victim of your degrading thoughts. Living like that… is absolutely exhausting. You are not a victim; truly, you may be the problem. A toxic part of YOUR OWN LIFE.

So CANCEL your negative thoughts. Listen really closely to yourself and respect yourself enough to want the best out of life. It is ok. It is amazing actually.



  1. This is a brilliant post. A lot of people, if they pay attention (by starting to pay attention - to their own thoughts and words), will find this to be an eye-opening experience!

    And I just want to point out that this was posted at 11:11. Just sayin'..."Tell her I said 'Hi!'" is never far away.

  2. I love it xxoo thank you Lisa!
    and hello! to the orange light xo

  3. Hmm, your posts always get my mind thinking. Now I'm going to see how many times I will say cancel when I either think or say something negatively for the next 24 hours. Im happy but are my words happy...we shall see. Will post with my findings.

    I also seen the post was posted at 11:11 and I smiled and wondered if you made a wish when you hit publish.

    Kate, this way of thinking is why I'm positive that you ultimately will be the Kate you want to become, Truly Kate. Stay strong, good things are still to come!

  4. Okay guess I need some work on my negitive thoughts after watching what I say last night. It is strange how we can say stuff all the time and not realize how it comes across. Behavioral modification, activated. Best of luck to you as well Kate!